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Cutting Room Floor 1


Welcome Truckin’ Family!

In this segment, I went a little “off topic” for the video I intended to do. However, I still felt the content in this footage was worthwhile to share with you AND… get your feedback on.

There are many things in motion in my life at the moment – no pun intended, as a person who drives a truck 🙂 – however, this topic is certainly one that’s close to my heart and the effort to do what I’m discussing here is rolling around in my brain! However, it may simply not be something anyone is really interested in. So, that is the question mark.

What are YOUR thoughts?

Please post a comment below. Looking forward to reading YOUR comments.

– Andrea

Andrea Steward

Andrea Steward

Before driving professionally for Con-Way Truckload, Andrea was (and still is) a professional photographer/musician/singer/artist/writer and serial entrepreneur. She has written and produced 5 albums (available on CD Baby). Now... she's driving in a husband/wife truck driving team and LOVIN' IT with passion. "Life in America depends on truckers... my Grandaddy did it for 45 years, it might be in my blood!" - Andrea
Andrea Steward

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Andrea Steward
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Before driving professionally for Con-Way Truckload, Andrea was (and still is) a professional photographer/musician/singer/artist/writer and serial entrepreneur. She has written and produced 5 albums (available on CD Baby). Now... she's driving in a husband/wife truck driving team and LOVIN' IT with passion. "Life in America depends on truckers... my Grandaddy did it for 45 years, it might be in my blood!" - Andrea
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21 Comments on Cutting Room Floor 1

  1. Rory Bentley // May 30, 2016 at 11:32 am // Reply

    Hello Andrea, I totally agree with you. I got my Class B CDL about 20 Plus years ago. I remember a D.O.T. officer telling me that as a professional driver it was my responsibility to watch out for the other drives, He said they were not trained in the workings of a truck, Be it, Semi, Straight truck or any vehicle that halls large amounts of weight. I feel that any sort of instructional video’s about the workings of a truck and the way to be safe on the road around large vehicles is a fantastic idea. To many time have I seen cars not leave enough room for Semi’s to make a turn or try and squeeze between the corner and trailer of a semi making a right turn. Then there are those people that tail gate a large truck. They don’t under stand that at a point there is know way for a truck driver to see you in there mirrors and if they do not know your there, then your in danger. There are also the simple thing people should know, such as never driver your car next to a semi any longer then you have to. If a semi driver needs to make an emergency maneuver of some sort, you would be right in the middle of it. Any how, I’m sure you get what I’m saying. I would definitely share any video’s about such things with all my friends and family, especially new drivers.

  2. Mary Ann Lee // May 30, 2016 at 12:48 pm // Reply

    I’d love to watch something like that, because I try not to do “bad things” to truckers, but I don’t know if I’m judging correctly.

  3. Terry Sennhenn // May 30, 2016 at 1:16 pm // Reply

    About 20 years ago or more. I knew someone personally who had been driving semi truck for a long time, years. Two young guys were fooling around as young guys do. They were turning off and on their car lights.I dont know why. They came out from a side road without lights in front of this guy I knew. No way to stop he hit them and killed them both. He was of course not charged at all, except I think involuntary manslaughter was applied handle of the case.We can both think well he knows he had no alternative but to hit them, but we werent there and saw the results. He was so shocked by it all he never could drive semi again. As I remember I think eventually he did get a gravel truck and drove that for awhile before retiring, but not long and it took him awhile to do that even. So probably a interesting story for you being in the business. Terry

  4. DONNA MOESTA // May 30, 2016 at 2:21 pm // Reply

    Excellent excellent excellent needed desperately idea. Do it!!

  5. DONNA MOESTA // May 30, 2016 at 2:23 pm // Reply

    As a drivers wife, and in the trucking industry, it would save millions of lives…

  6. Yes. Education is so important. I am not a trucker, but have lots of friends and a brother that is. I have learned much from them. Thank you for all you do for us.

  7. Doug Laramie // May 30, 2016 at 4:07 pm // Reply

    Andrea- I would like to think educating the public would make the roads safer. I mentioned I farm now but for 33 years I worked for Allied Chemical also. Many of those years spent in the cab of a Mack (don’t tell anyone ) Retired early (result of plant closer) now drive seasonally for an other farmer hauling grain. I’m on the roads a lot with tractors and farm equipment and the close calls happen more often then ever. I don’t know whats going on, to me it’s simple incompetence.When you drive local like I have,when a car cuts me some slack I can almost guarantee that person is a driver or their spouse is a driver. The rest consider you in their way. Farmers face the same attitude. I don’t know how to fix it? Making a vlog to appeal to the average driver can’t hurt.But will they change and reverse this craziness we witness every day. We’re all in this together. Doug

  8. Stephen Clifton // May 30, 2016 at 5:49 pm // Reply

    Hi Andrea.
    Great idea on a series of Video’s about teaching Car drivers how to behave around Trucks (and don’t forget Buses/Coaches full of passengers!, as i have driven many of them including full of small Children which i felt a great responsibility for!!, and you are taught how to drive carrying passengers regards not Braking or Turning too severely for comfort).
    I think it should be mandatory to include awareness of Trucks, Buses and any large vehicles in Driving lessons and Driving tests showing Video’s of the manouvering capabilities (Turning, Backing and more), and video’s of views from the Truck drivers Seat showing ‘Blind spots’ at sides, rear and even front (Cyclists beware!!) as well as how much room a Tractor/trailer needs for turning (going forward) and even more when reversing (which is an art that takes much forward Thinking and planning in the drivers head very fast before doing!).
    This idea of yours, i have said to family for years should be in driving lessons/tests as above.
    Driving Tour buses (Coaches here in the UK) was a good lesson for the Tourists travelling on them as they could see how much room I needed to make turns and pass parked cars etc and backing into tight spots at tourist attractions or Hotel coach parks, I Got many rounds of applause from passengers at some places due to the difficulty of getting into some them! (not too difficult for me but would be nearly impossible for the majority of my passengers/car drivers too do) so looked impressive and very educational as well!!.
    I have driven Trucks of all sizes, Vans and Buses/Coaches since i was 18 years old (now nearly 62), now i only drive a car i still drive as though i am driving a large vehicle, looking waaaay ahead of me (not enough letter A !! as if everyone did that there would be less rear end shunts and accidents!), and looking into a road before turning into it.
    Sorry for the long response but i think it a great idea and you are the right person to do it due to your Filming, editing and commentary skills (plus being a Cool Chick!!).
    P.S don’t forget to educate Cyclists regard ‘Blind Spots’ and people crossing/walking near a reversing truck as the driver’s eyes might not see them.
    Keep up the good work and regards from North Wales, UK.
    Steve Clifton…

  9. Robert James Lanphear // May 30, 2016 at 7:21 pm // Reply

    absolutely a powerful and needed idea.

  10. Doug Gage // May 30, 2016 at 8:42 pm // Reply

    Wonderful and a thoughtful gesture

  11. Chris Floyd // May 30, 2016 at 10:35 pm // Reply

    Hello Andrea.
    I completely understand your thoughts of how you must look out for others with no one taking responsibility for ones self but. I’ve driven over the road for ten years and I completely understand love your videos and I really appreciate the joy you guys spread and the message thank you.

  12. I agree with your perception about car drivers disregarding the power of trucks. I just turned 60, and though have never driven a big truck, I learned about how to share the roads from my parents and high school driver ed classes. What I do not understand is you admitting in this video that you used to (unwisely) tailgate trucks, but your grandfather was a trucker for 45 years? If he did not get the knowledge through to you, should we expect anything more of other car drivers out there today?

    P.S. – I discovered your YT videos tonight after searching for “Instant Pot” recipes, but then binge watched your last two months of trucking vlogs. You and Jai are amazing, and I applaud you for following through on your dreams of new adventures. My initial response above was not intended to offend. You are an extremely intelligent woman and I am sure can appreciate an honest debate. “Keep on Truckin'” (ok, that was tacky 🙂

  13. Marilyn N-S :-) // May 31, 2016 at 1:08 pm // Reply

    Andrea: I totally agree with you and I believe you have a gr8 idea! I learned how to operate a vehicle safely, on & off the road, and specifically around trucks, from my parents, long ago, when I was a brand new driver. It’s unbelievable to me how many people are absolutely clueless about this issue! I’ll be ‘out here’ cheering you on! Thanks for taking ‘us’ along! Safe travels and stay joyful! 🙂

  14. Dennis Peake // May 31, 2016 at 6:42 pm // Reply

    Good morning Andrea &Jai, it only stand to reason that the local 4 wheel drivers have no idea of weight of your heavy vehicle. He or she must pass that truck. We need for people understand why trucks are bigger and heavier and they will NOT stop on Dine(10 cents). Show people when they cross in front of truck how the driver must react.

  15. Barry Lamb // May 31, 2016 at 11:05 pm // Reply

    Congratulations Andrea you get it. I tell everyone that i say the truck drivers prayer everyday “Please God don’t let me kill anyone today”. This kind of sums up the point i believe you are trying to make. I also tell everybody that the best thing about being a truck driver is that i get see lots of sunrises and sunsets. And the worst thing about being a truck driver is i get to see lots of sunrises and sunsets. You do good work for freight hauler.

  16. I am working on getting my CDL. I just came across your video. I think that’s a great idea.

  17. Fantastic idea. And a big undertaking at that. If you have ever thought that having helpers to get the project up and going or need any help from other drivers,count me in!!! I believe in the more education (of anything) the better everyone will be.

  18. I have no idea how I came across your videos on YouTube but I have to tell you I’m hooked!!! Your attitude and outlook on life is so refreshing. Your love for Jai melts my heart…I just love watching your videos!
    I think your idea for educational videos is fantastic! I would watch them and share them with family and friends!
    I’m looking into food combining because of your videos and look forward to seeing what it does for me!
    Thank you for your beautiful way of seeing life and sharing it with the world!
    Your biggest fan,

  19. Titch Martin // December 3, 2016 at 8:56 am // Reply

    Hi Jai & Andrea i have been watching your vid’s but don’t see eney towards the end of 2016.
    regards Titch

  20. Hi Andrea – I don’t know if you ever did these videos as I haven’t looked, but my husband and I are team drivers and have said numerous times that every teenager BEFORE being able to get their drivers license should have to take a ride in a semi – so they understand what happens in one!!

  21. It is education issue. Many driver’s do not know how to drive around semi truck. Specially those who live in larger cities.

    Often parents are who teach their children how to drive, but often parents themselves do not know how to drive around semi truck.

    They can not teach , what they do not know.

    May be how to drive around truck should be included in detail in driver’s license study manual, and should be a part of exam.

    perhaps Insurance company could give out discount by taking online class / exam of safety driving class, which including driving around truck.

    Perhaps with today’s technology, driving exam can be conducted in simulator stead of real car. And that way simulator can create dangerous condition intentionally involving driving around trucks.

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