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Food Combining Basics

The video below includes an interview of Dr. Wayne Pickering (Mango Man) by Dr. Mercola. The interview covers several of the most basic principles of Food Combining and WHY it’s so powerful for our fitness and health.

Click here for more of this interviewΒ on Dr. Mercola’s website.

Andrea & Jai

Andrea Steward

Andrea Steward

Before driving professionally for Con-Way Truckload, Andrea was (and still is) a musician/singer/artist/writer and serial entrepreneur. She has written and produced 5 albums (available on CD Baby). Now... she's driving in a husband/wife truck driving team and LOVIN' IT with passion. "Life in America depends on truckers... my Grandaddy did it for 45 years, it might be in my blood!" - Andrea
Andrea Steward

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Do You Bellicon?

Andrea Steward
About Andrea Steward (143 Articles)
Before driving professionally for Con-Way Truckload, Andrea was (and still is) a musician/singer/artist/writer and serial entrepreneur. She has written and produced 5 albums (available on CD Baby). Now... she's driving in a husband/wife truck driving team and LOVIN' IT with passion. "Life in America depends on truckers... my Grandaddy did it for 45 years, it might be in my blood!" - Andrea
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15 Comments on Food Combining Basics

  1. Thanks for turning me onto food combining. I have tried everything and meds to help with my GERDs and severely low thyroid. I’m going to jump into this and see how my gut heals/responds!

    • Hello Dena,

      I am so-o-o-o-o-o-o-o excited for you. You’re going to be amazed. I am just now putting together a little Amazon store that features books that got me and Jai back on track with Food Combining after about 3 years away from it. Having done it for years… and then getting away from it… and then coming back! I saw first-hand and powerfully just how much of a difference in made in both of our lives. Please stay in touch as you explore this wonderful way to be FREE to eat and feel GREAT all at the same time. – Andrea

  2. Ps. Ignore all the negative comments no need to share just delete ☺️

  3. Jai and Andrea, I have been watching some of the semi gourmet videos and I am very excited to learn more about food combining. I have several in my family that practically live on Tums. I have never heard of this before. Do you just follow the food guide or is there a lot more involved? I did watch the video and it makes so much sense. You two are so fun to watch and I love love your videos as I love to travel but am not able to so I can do it thru you. Thank you for what you do I truly believe its your calling and what a blessing it is. Also we are about to order a Bellicon, we are going to be in great shape soon. Love you guys and Gods Blessings to you both. Carleen

    • Dear Carleen,

      Loved reading your post and YES! Tums can be a thing of the past…. truly. πŸ™‚

      I have been wanting to do a series of videos on Food Combining… and you’ve just given me the inspiration to get those done.

      FC isn’t difficult. It is a change from daily so-called “American” fare… however it is the way we all ate 100 years ago for the most part. People didn’t typically eat the kinds of combinations we so readily partake of today.

      I don’t blame over-weight issues with fast food and lots of sugars, I equate it with bad food combining first… then everything else comes after that. I know that’s a BIG statement. But I am convinced at the root of many, many health issues is bad food combining.

      That said… I’ll wait to share the rest in the videos LOL.

      I am SO EXCITED for you on getting a Bellicon. You will LOVE yourself for it every single day. It’s amazing. It’s so much “quality” exercise in a few minutes each day. It does change lives πŸ™‚

      Do send a picture or a video when you get it! Would love to share that with the whole Truckin Family hehe… – Andrea

  4. Thank you Andrea, I am excited to see the videos and I am kind of camera shy but we will send a picture when we get our Bellicon. πŸ™‚ Carleen

  5. Oh my goodness Andrea, I am setting here, husband has gone to bed and I am going thru some of your past videos and I just watched the Christmas 2014. I am still laughing, I laughed so hard the tears just rolled, too funny. Just what I needed (thanks Jai) after a long day. Love watching your videos. I have a question for you about the Bellicon, I am just ready to order but wanted to ask you the size of yours and do you like that size or would you get something different. Its a big purchase and I am excited to get it but want to make sure I get the right one. Thanks for the laughs and prayers for you and Jai as you travel. Carleen

  6. Hi Carleen, πŸ™‚
    I adore hearing that one of our videos made you laugh! Just what “I” needed to hear tonight myself πŸ™‚
    On the Bellicon: we purchased the 39″ for the truck because it’s the only size that will fit through the door of a semi. It’s been wonderful. Since I haven’t tried the larger sizes, I can’t really speak to how it would be. I can say the 39″ has worked really well for me and for Jai. We have accomplished so much on it, it’s truly astonishing. We were both talking this week about how our jeans are tight around our calves because they’ve grown so much LOL.

    Once we have a house to put it in πŸ™‚ – I would like to get the next size up, just because! However, the bounce on the 39″ is simply exquisite.

    We got the folding legs (again for the truck) – but also great for storing away if need-be. Just as a side-note: you can put a sheep skin on it or some other attractive cover and use it as a table or place to sit when not in “bouncing” use. As for me, I would never store it away. It’s just to powerful a tool for Life!

    Love reading your posts. Excited for you too. πŸ™‚ – Andrea

  7. Thanks so much Andrea, have an awesome day!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  8. Hi. I accidentally stumbled across your you tube videos. I LOVE them! My husband used to be an OTR truck driver and constantly struggled with ways to eat healthy. He now works in Wyoming and does 2 weeks there (Still drives but with an oil company) and one week home. Now his struggle is eating healthy in hotel rooms. I still think your videos and blog will help him. This particular segment interests me and I can’t wait to try it! Keep it up! I can’t wait to read more of your blog entries and watch more of your videos.

    • Hi Tammy,
      It is a struggle. That’s true…and I love that you both are looking for answers! I’m so glad you posted and shared a bit of your journey with me. I plan to post more vids on this topic. Tell your husband it CAN be done… and it’s OH so worth it πŸ™‚ – Andrea

  9. Cary Bonetti // May 10, 2017 at 9:09 am // Reply

    Hi Andrea, My name is Cary, and my husband will soon become a Truck driver. He will finish CDL school this week and I am so super excited for him. I stumbled on your videos researching how to cook on a semi, since my husband has gastro issues, and I have been able to manage his issues thru mainly diet. I just want to say thank you for all that you and Jai have taught me thru your journey and how much you guys have inspired me to become a husband/wife team in the near future. I can see that it can be done. I miss seeing new videos, and I keep looking at old ones for learning purposes. Thanks for all you do. Be safe,have fun and God bless.

    • It can be done! And you’re so brave for realizing that diet can make a world of difference in health and well-being. Diet has been at the top of the list for us for a long time. Some folks think it’s silly to try to cook on a truck — but hey — I think it’s silly not to! (A) it saves money (B) You eat better πŸ™‚

      The last few weeks another big change has occurred… and I’m dealing with the demands of that as best as I can. More info on that soon. In the meantime Jai and I are both sending YOU and your husband husband our very best! Thank you for posting Cary πŸ™‚ – Andrea

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