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Food Combining Made Simple

Beautiful Food! Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons

Beautiful Food! Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons

Food Combining is really easy… once you get the hang of it!

It’s the way our fore-fathers/mothers ate. Simply.

Today’s basic diet has become complicated to the point of creating illness throughout society. However…

…because it’s consider “common”, or “the way everyone does it”… it’s being missed by the average individual.

Children are no longer taught to eat simply as their Grand Parents and Great Grand Parents did.

Today, foods are packaged, bottled, sucked in plastic containers, frozen and bagged.

Convenience has overcome simplicity.

But why can’t we have both?

Simple eating isn’t difficult. Or inconvenient.

I would have to say that fatigue, sickness and dis-ease are far more IN-convenient. Wouldn’t you agree?

This section of our site will provide additional information for you about the wonders of Food Combining: what it is, how it works and how to do it yourself.

Taking charge of your health is your responsibility. If you leave to others, it’s likely they will not be nearly as vigilant in your good health as YOU!

We hope you enjoy!
Andrea & Jai