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Nature Station – The Stuff Truck Drivers Never Talk About


There are everyday necessities. Things you must do every day. Things you can NOT live without, like…

  • Eating
  • Sleeping
  • Hygiene
  • Exercise

We talk a lot about eating. Cooking, food prep, recipes, types of food, food storage, shopping, getting good quality food, washing dishes, cookware and pots. Exercise etc,.  But…

There are two things that don’t get talked about because of fear, modesty, embarrassment, fear of rejection, social conditioning.

Two things. #1 & #2

See … we even have cute little names for them that everyone recognizes and use because we don’t even like to speak them out loud.

But you can not deny … they are both very much a part of the daily human experience, daily necessities that we all must do. There’s no escape from it.

Nature calls. We must Answer.

So what happens when you’re living 24/7 On The Road, in a Big Truck, Operating an 80,000 pound, 13’ tall, 75’ long Mammoth? A beast that has only 3’ x 2’ of floorspace inside for you.

When Nature calls, sometimes… sometimes it’s convenient.

Sometimes it’s not.

Sometimes you can make it to a Rest Area or a Truck Stop.

You still have to get the beast parked even after you get there, which can take several minutes to roll through at about 10 m.p.h. looking for a place to park, do your maneuvering to set up for parking, wait for other trucks to move out of your way, then get backed in and pull the brakes, turn off your lights, unbuckle your seat belt, take off your driving gloves, grab your keys, shut it down, climb down, lock the doors…. then were you lucky? … are you less than 100 yards from the toilet? At a Pilot? A T.A.? A Loves? Or Rest Area?

Probably not. More likely Not.

If Nature’s Call is an urgent one …. face it …. you won’t make it.

Not a good situation to be in, for obvious reasons. So what in God’s name do you do?

It only takes losing it in your pants Once to know you never want that to happen again.

And yes it does happen to drivers. Probably a lot more often than anyone wants to admit.

As proof, I refer to my first truck assignment ordeal. Not pretty. Truck Assignment is when you are being put into a truck another driver has used for a while. We won’t even go into Truck recovery stories here. Truck Assignments are trucks that are supposed to have been cleaned before turning them over to a new driver. Well, you just can’t get that smell out of the upholstery. It’s pretty difficult anyway.

But … you get my point.

You have to have a back-up plan … for Emergencies … for Urgencies. And it’s really not that hard to do.

We use a 2 gallon bucket. (disclaimer; gallon capacity is determined by the size of your butt.)

Yep. That’s it. A $3.00 2 gallon bucket from home depot. And 4 Gallon trash bags (from WalMart) that are a one-time use disposable liner. Inexpensive, Clean, Sanitary, quick, easy and very efficient.

And its easy to figure out what size bucket you need. You can try them out free of charge at the Home Depot Paint Department, right in the aisle. Just pop one down off the shelf, put it on the floor, and sit on it. If it fits, great. If the 3 gallon’s too small for you, grab down a 5 gallon, set it on the floor and sit on it. (I hope that it’s a good fit cuz they don’t make em any bigger, as far as I know.)

Anyway, have no fear, know one knows what the heck you’re doing but you, so don’t worry about it. You’re not gonna camp out on it, you’re just plopping down on it momentarily to check for a good fit. Right?

OK. So now that you have you’re very own O.T.R. Portable Nature Station, what do you do?

How do you use it?

How does this change things for you … for the better?

Let’s Cover #2 First

Well, you set up your Nature Station with a liner bag nicely installed and tuck it into a convenient corner. So it’s always there ready to go, waiting. Then, when it becomes necessary, you are saved. All you have to do then is get stopped (safely … in a safe place) pop into the back, pull the curtains, and go.


Emergency/Disaster Averted. Oh what a relief.

When you’re done, twist up the top part of the bag, evacuate the air, tie it into a granny knot, put it into a Walmart bag set it up on the floor board in front of the jump seat and you’re ready to roll, much relieved. You can dispose of it safely, securely, in any trash can or dumpster… and yes … it is sanitary to do so.

What do you think happens with millions of disposable Pampers or Huggies diapers produced every single day in America. Thats right. They all go to the land-fill. See how this great country already has it all set up for you’re safety and convenience. Why not unabashedly, proudly use it. Take advantage of it. It sure is a lot better than pooping your pants.

There’s also a whole bunch of other super convenient uses for your your brand new nature-station now that you have one.

SIDE-NOTE: Teeth Brushing – I don’t know about you, but the men’s bathroom counter-top at Pilot and Flying-J is not a place I will set my toothbrush or toothpaste. So I brush my teeth in the truck. A much cleaner and far more sanitary place. I can do this because of my Nature-Station. Brush, spit, spray out and rinse toothbrush, right into the bucket. Then I can take it inside to rinse under hot water without need for use of a counter-top.  Then later on when I make a sandwich, cutting from tomato, onion cucumber, outside lettuce head leaves can also be deposited into the bucket.

So, our handy bucket serves as a garbage disposal too.

How cool is that? (Word of Warning: Do not use it for opened soup cans, meat tins or any other rigid materials. Nothing that can cause a puncture should be deposited into the liner bag of your Nature-Station; for obvious reasons.)

At least I hope it’s obvious.

I’ll state the obvious, just in case.

The last thing you want, after using your Nature-Station bucket for a Nature-call, is for it to puncture or leak when you are removing the liner for disposal.

SO again… DO NOT put anything sharp, pointed, straight, metallic or hard into your bucket liner. Use a separate trash bag for all other types of trash. We do. It works without fail.

Now that we’ve covered #2…

Now Let’s Cover #1… Peeing.

Ooopppsss. I said it. lol!

Yes, #1, peeing can also present as much of a challenge on a big-truck, perhaps more-so than #2(pooing) because it happens more frequently throughout the day. How do we deal with this menace of human metabolism? Easy. With the use of a sustainable, reusable, recycled plastic container…. or what we affectionately call … a Pee-Pot.

We are up against the same situation here as with the aforementioned poo-ing. So It can become a very urgent situation, no pun intended, when you “have” to pee. So a pee-pot or pee bottle of some sort can figuratively and quite literally be a “Life Saver”.

And I’m not joking here. I’m quite serious.

One day I had to dash out of the way of an oncoming Con-way Driver at a terminal in W Memphis because he was obviously going to run me over. I had gotten out with a radio to be Andrea’s eyes while she backed up to drop a trailer. This driver was in a manic rush. I called to Andrea to stop so this guy could complete his mad dash behind her as she was backing up, and I managed to get out of his way too without getting run over.

After we dropped the trailer, got the bob-tail parked and got our paper-work turned in at dispatch I was walking back out to the truck when I saw the driver that tried to run me down. I went to talk to him thinking he needed a lecture on good driver safety. He was indignant, even hostile towards me.

To keep a long story short, as it turned out, his reason for jeopardizing Safety, Con-way property and my life by almost running me over was that he had to “Pee”.

When I heard that I was shocked.

But at the same time it also explained a lot of very erratic, unsafe driving behavior I had seen across the country.

This driver was making a mad dash to park as close to the terminal as he could get so he could run inside and “Pee”, no matter the cost to life or property or the consequences.

To him it was simple, he had to Pee and to hell with anyone or anything in his way. It is a common problem because people are either too embarrassed or to afraid to do things different.

Personally I would much rather pee in a bottle than either wet myself or worse, crash or run over someone because of a Nature Call.

I’ve used an Arizona Iced Tea Bottle for about a year. Yes. That’s right. The same one for a year. I’ll replace it as soon as I find another one the same size. It is no where as bad as you may think. It gets cleaned and washed, sanitized every day.  I empty it at Rest Area bathrooms or Truck Stop Bathrooms stalls where I then have access to Hot water and Anti-Bacterial Soap.

So I dump it, flush it, then put 4-5 squirts of Anti-Bacterial soap into it, fill half way with hot water, cap it, shake vigorously, uncap it, pour out into a toilet and flush, then recap it and I’m good to go. The residual soap that remains inside keeps the bottle clean and fresh.

There is a social phobia ingrained in us over pee.

You may be relieved to know that when pee (urine) comes out of the body, it is sanitary. It is clean. It is not hazardous. You can drink it. It will not harm you. It will even help you. People have survived death from dehydration by drinking their urine. Yes of course that is an extreme example, but no less true. So it’s not a bio-hazard when you pee. It only becomes one when it’s sealed up in a container and left behind somewhere.

There is no excuse for any driver to leave behind abandoned bottles of urine. Ever. It’s just plain disgusting. I see it all the time, all over the country. And it saddens me.

It is so easy to dispose of properly yet many drivers don’t.

We should.

We all should.

It not only makes all drivers look bad, but it is a terrible bio-hazard.

None of us, including drivers, have a license to be disgusting, nor do we have any excuse to litter the country with containers of urine. It is unconscionable to do so.

I think we need to get over our fear and insecurity of being seen with a bottle in our hands walking into and out of a truck stop bathroom.

If you’re embarrassed about it, then get one that isn’t clear. Get one that is dark brown in color like my Arizona Iced Tea bottle. Use it …. and more importantly “RE-USE” it … and … STOP throwing water bottles full of urine out the truck window littering the roadsides of our beautiful country.

In fact Urine is still the most studied substance by world scientists today because of it’s many uses.

IN FACT: URINE is what makes big diesel trucks CARB Compliant to meet ever growing stringent government emissions regulations.

That’s right. Urine.

It’s the Ammonia in DEF that makes it work. It comes from Urine.

Dehydration causes crashes. 

A lot of drivers don’t drink fluids so they won’t have to stop to pee. Not Healthy. Dehydration causes fatigue, confusion, slows reaction time and the inability to make good decisions quickly.

We need to drink our body weight in water every day. (if you weigh 200 lbs you need to drink 200 oz of water, every day) Soda, coffee, tea, energy drinks, etc., do not replace water. They cause dehydration. Not to mention a long list of other health problems to numerous to enumerate here. Only water hydrates a human body. Nothing else.

Get a water purifier on your truck like we did. It’s really easy. Just ask us how. OK?  Here’s the Video Andrea and I did that goes with this video. Click RIGHT HERE ON THIS LINK TO VIEW IT 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this article. IF YOU DID. Let me know. I need the encouragement LOL — and — I’d like to know what you have to say.

Stay safe out there!

P.S. Share this video with a friend 🙂

James Steward

James Steward

Jai Steward has been driving professionally for Con-Way Truckload (now XPO Truckload) since February 24, 2014. Previous to driving he was a Journeyman Electrician and entrepreneur. With a somewhat corny sense of humor he keeps his wife and driving-partner laughing and enjoying the road. Born in Norwalk, Connecticut, raised in Westminster, Massachusetts and Lakeland, Florida. After meeting Andrea, who mirrored his "gypsy heart", the two worked together in several small businesses until deciding to jump in a BIG truck and work as Over-The-Road truck drivers... Hauling the Good Stuff that makes life possible in America!
James Steward

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Jai Steward has been driving professionally for Con-Way Truckload (now XPO Truckload) since February 24, 2014. Previous to driving he was a Journeyman Electrician and entrepreneur. With a somewhat corny sense of humor he keeps his wife and driving-partner laughing and enjoying the road. Born in Norwalk, Connecticut, raised in Westminster, Massachusetts and Lakeland, Florida. After meeting Andrea, who mirrored his "gypsy heart", the two worked together in several small businesses until deciding to jump in a BIG truck and work as Over-The-Road truck drivers... Hauling the Good Stuff that makes life possible in America!
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19 Comments on Nature Station – The Stuff Truck Drivers Never Talk About

  1. Tanya Gere // March 4, 2016 at 2:02 am // Reply

    Hi guys!! This was a fantastic article n video!!! I’ve scoured utube and other sites looking for info on this very issue. I was never able to gather any concrete information, as most posters made general allusions to how they handled bodily functions!! I had to guess and read between the lines!! I decided the solution was a five gallon icing bucket I got from a donut shop in town that I had previously used as a flower pot would be my porta potty. Cabelas sells a sturdy plastic toilet seat with lid that snaps onto the bucket perfectly. It’s quite comfortable and I’ve used this porta potty on many a camping trip. I read somewhere that a small amount of kitty litter sprinkled in is effective to control odor if you aren’t going to discard your liner right away. My husband and I are off to Orientation March 18 th and your blog n videos have been phenomenal in providing useful information. Thank you so much!!

  2. Hi Tanya,

    I know… no one really gets down to basics on this topic LOL. So glad you found it useful! Great ideas you posted here. Thanks for sharing. AND…. congratulations on your adventure!! Keep us posted on how it goes. I am pulling for you Tanya 100%! – Andrea

  3. Great article! In a month I will be starting my OTR career, and I, too, have been wondering about this issue. For men going #1, I know that a bottle will work very well for them. But Andrea, what’s a lady to do? I will admit I have practiced a time or two with various containers, like a folders coffee “can”, but did not succeed. Is this just something that takes practice or do you use the 2 gallon bucket for #1?

  4. I did see that video and that container that you use. It must take some practice. I’ve used containers with larger openings and still made a mess of it. 😆

    • lol… I think it does take a little practice, true! I just added the PT Style (find a description CLICK HERE under HEALTH & BEAUTY) and I like it a lot. The PT Style can be used out in the world (restrooms etc.) as well. – Andrea

  5. Here is a device that will help the truck driving ladies

    Good article Andrea 🙂 direct, informational, Tabu busting –well done 🙂

  6. Thanks! I will give that a try

  7. I wanted to thank you for your open discussion of the” nature station” . As another human without complete access to a kitchen as well as bathroom-whenever, it was wonderful to hear your solution to the delemma faced daily. It’s a subject that really pretty important and it was good to hear your solutions. I really enjoy hearing of your adventures and wish you the very best. Safe travels and many blessings

    • Hi Joyce,

      I really appreciate your post. To be frank with you, it took awhile to feel comfortable posting that video. And not I was entirely LOL. But, I looked around and saw very little to nothing on that topic – so post it I did 🙂 Thank you for your kind words. – Andrea

  8. Backing is the hardest part of driving a truck but it becomes second nature . I did about 6 otr, been puttering out the rest doing mostly local stuff . I’ve heard that it is an unwritten rule that truck drivers never come to a complete stop in big cities late at night.

  9. I’m sorry I landed on your vlog about this topic and had to do a little lol. Why cause you think no one else has been honest with what trucking is really like. Nick and Sam shared everything with their videos on YouTube: NRSTC09 from 2010 till 2015. They never sugar coated anything and because of that is made them a target by the trucking community.

    Good luck with your life and channel.

  10. Great article! any tips for drivers who drive day cabs? LOL! It’s a little harder to find privacy in there. I can do the pee bottle by throwing a jacket over my lap, but the other situation is nearly impossible. I’ve had to make a “quick stop” at a truck stop myself, but I don’t think I ever endangered anyone’s life.
    Drive safe!

    • Have to admit John that a day cab reduces the amount of privacy by about 400%! LOL Think you don’t have as many choices in that situation…. depends on where you are though!… hehehe – Andrea

  11. Great video, but Urine is NOT sterile. Bacteria is present in all urine, more in an unhealthy person.

    • The link to the article you posted here puts forth a gross over-simpliflication of the value of bodily fluids…most especially “urine”. What’s missing is the fact that the use of urine as a homeopathic medicine when it is fresh – and has not had time to break down from exposure to air – is a powerful and healing substance. It is not because it is sterile in the sense you may think of alcohol being sterile for example – but is instead a powerful homeopathic substance. Knowing how to work with it – when using it for medicinal purposes – is important.

      There are volumes – and I do mean volumes and volumes! – of information regarding the homeopathic uses of urine going back many decades.

      Do you know what urine is? Do you think it’s just the left-over water from the iced tea you had at dinner? Or the water you had earlier? Or just “waste”?

      In short, URINE is the watery substance from the blood. The Kidneys – or “reigns” – filter your blood through a complex tubular system, return what the body can use at the time and what cannot be used at the time is expelled.

      It is not waste.

      For more detail and explanation about what urine is – what is can be used for – and more here:

      Not only did I research and study urine and urine therapy for a number of years, I used it for medicinal purposes over a long period so I have personal experience to draw from. Antidotal experience btw, is not science — but it does mean I have gained a great deal of understanding about it over the years.

      I encourage folks to go beyond ferreting out a single article about urine, it’s uses and makeup and call it good. That’s not good enough. I recommend looking much deeper into the topic. If you don’t know who wrote a article, for whom or why they wrote it, you may be unwittingly misguided by someone who … doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Everything you read isn’t necessarily true!

      An amazing book to read is “Water of Life” by JW Armstrong. That’s an amazing beginning that will knock your socks off. Please do a little more research than a quick article…

      Thanks for posting! – Andrea

  12. wandering man // March 9, 2017 at 10:01 pm // Reply

    GREAT video! Pooping in a bucket works. For about ten years, my family lived in a house with no working indoor plumbing, We had water but no sewer. But we did have a 5-gallon bucket and plastic bags. A regular old toilet seat will fit fine over one of these buckets and you’ll hardly notice it’s not a real toilet. Bag the waste, put it in the trash. Do not let it sit as this encourages insects and generally stinks. It is a good idea to hit the bucket and seat with disinfectant (Lysol Foam works best and smells great) once in awhile and if they get really stinky and won’t clean, go spent ten bucks on a new bucket and seat.

    For drinking water, you can find water dispensing machines at many grocery stores and Walmarts, usually for about 35 cents a gallon to refill your own jug. This water is sanitized and clean and cheap and carries less risk than using a hose tap in a parking lot. Walmarts sometimes have these water refill machines inside. Fill up your bottles and pay at any register -this is good when you don’t have change for the coin-op water refill machines. At Walmart, you can pay for water refills with credit or debit cards.

    For a quickie shower, you can use antibacterial wipes, commonly sold in the baby wipe aisle. A pack of 40 is about $2. These are useful for lots of things especially cleaning hands after fueling or handling dirty stuff. Don’t eat with dirty hands. A bottle of hand sanitizer is useful too.

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