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Product and Affiliate Links on This Site

 Hi Truckin’ Family…

Andrea & JaiJai and I feel it’s important to tell you about the links we include on our site… and why.

Sometimes, in our videos and articles here on the blog, we talk about products we like and things we make use of on the truck… and off. To be perfectly frank, we love to share, with you, things we have found useful, beneficial and of good quality.

Some of the links included on our site are affiliate links. In the spirit of full disclosure  and transparency, I want you to know what to look for.

About Our Affiliate Links

We are affiliates of some products we talk about here — however — in every case, you can bet dollars to donuts, we have done our due diligence to make sure our recommendations and praise is not only heartfelt, but springs naturally from, and only from, personal experience.

We do not do paid endorsements. We always find out for ourselves if something is worthy of our praise, before recommending it to anyone, online or off.


Yes, we are affiliated with Bellicon USA and are very proud to be.

A few things you should know:

  • We were not given a Bellicon to try. We purchased the one we carry on our truck on our own before we became affiliates.
  • We only receive affiliate commission if you click a link from our web site — if we spoke to you somewhere across the country and you purchased a Bellicon on your own, we are not compensated for that… but are still VERY glad you own a Bellicon!
  • We were never approached by Bellicon to represent their products… we went to them asking to take part in something wonderful.
  • YOU will not pay more because of our affiliate status! In fact, we are affiliates to the company that offers the absolute best price on a Bellicon you will find.
    • The only thing happens when you click a link from our site and purchase a Bellicon is… everyone wins. You get a Bellicon for yourself and your family… and we get rewarded for sharing it with you

We believe whole-heartedly that Bellicon, is a supremely well-made product. The likes of which are too few and far between in our country today. This product is also tremendously beneficial to the body. It is beyond remarkable how quickly it has changed our lives and we would share that whether we were affiliates or not.

If, for any reason, you are not comfortable clicking on a link from our site to any other Bellicon site… we understand …and would still encourage you simply to look it up online through Google and check it out for yourself.



I (Andrea) have been an affiliate of for a number of years. Just because I have driven off into the sunset with my loving husband to drive a truck, doesn’t mean I lost my business sense.

I use Amazon a lot. I am a Prime Member and think you should be too! It’s a great deal to get free/fast shipping and movies and TV shows and all the “goodies” for such a small fee per year. That said…

I do include links of items I have purchased myself and used. If it’s a good purchase, I share it. Click the link and I get a small reward for sharing the information. It’s that simple.

There are also links we share that simply lead to good stuff… without affiliate status

The internet has made it possible to share a wealth of goodies with others…

If there’s something that’s just worthy of praise, we will give it.

Links to other web sites, articles and/or news stories and products for which we are not compensated, are included here. Feel free to look around. Don’t be afraid to click a link. We do our utmost to be sure every link is safe for our web site — and for YOU.

We do use cookies on our site because it’s part of how we track our visitors. There is no harmful software used on our site.

We all like to think we’re pretty smart… whether true or not 🙂

Well, Jai and I think it’s smart to share good things with other people. If there’s a financial return for that, it has no negative impact in my opinion. UNLESS… the person sharing the information is not being genuine in their recommendation by having real personal experience to share.

If you have a comment about anything I’ve written here, feel free to send us a note using our contact form below.

In the meantime… keep YOUR shiny side UP!
Andrea & Jai