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This Is Our Truckin’ Life!

Hi! I’m Andrea Steward. My husband Jai and I, took a major leap in life and started driving a BIG RIG, as husband-wife team drivers, in January 2014. To the surprise (read shock) and delight (okay, not everyone thought so) of our family and friends, we rocketed out of our comfort zones and life changed… veritably overnight.

Over the last year, we’ve learned A LOT about driving a big truck and… getting along (in a very small space). We are by no means “there yet” …but… you may just find something here that could change your life too.

If you ever feel the pull of the open road, or shiver at the site of a big beautiful truck or… just want a peek inside life on the BIG ROAD…  then pull up your BIG GIRL PANTIES and click around on this site.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll feel awe-inspired (as we often do) and perhaps take something with you that’s extraordinarily useful. We promise!

Husband-Wife Team Drivers, Andrea & Jai Steward… Take Their Relationship On The Road with Con-Way Truckload!

If you’ve been driving for any length of time, it’s highly likely that as you were traveling along some freeway, US highway or back road (somewhere) across this great US of A, you traveled alongside a “big truck”. 

I’m talking about the really big trucks. A semi. A tractor/trailer. A “combination vehicle” (as the DOT likes to put it). A 72 foot, 40 ton mass of rolling goodies, headed to towns and cities aross the map to deliver or pick-up those goods. BUT…

… how much do you really know about trucks?

Ever thought about that?

Perhaps you haven’t… but you should.

Do you know what they’re capable of — and not capable of?
(Remind me to tell you about that little beat-up Ford 1500, that pulled in front of me last week in Austin, Texas, slamming his brakes on with less than 20 feet between my front bumper and his hiked up rear-end! Apparently to “teach me a lesson” about being on “his” road.)

What do you need to know to keep yourself and your loved ones safe on the roadways while driving behind, beside and in front of the 3,000,000 trucks out there?

Well… my lovely husband Jai and I, (my name is Andrea) drive a BIG TRUCK for Con-Way Truckload. Together. We’re interested in sharing a plethora of goodies with you about trucks, trucking, husband/wife team driving, how to stay safe on the roads, what this job is really like (and why so few 4-wheelers know anything about it)…  what companies we think are best to work for/with …and MUCH MORE.

We drive a big truck to earn our living… and if I’m honest …because it’s downright fun, most of the time.

We do it now… because we love doing it.

I can tell you there’s ALOT we did not know about the massive Mastodons (our nickname for the rolling giants we drive) that roam our country bringing everything from shoe laces to fancy cars to people everywhere… before we took the leap into this world.

We want to share with you, what we’ve learned… and have some fun doing that too!

Jai & Andrea have been driving a BIG TRUCK for just one year now…

  • Why did we choose to do this? (a question my nephew kept asking over Thanksgiving Dinner!)
  • What is it like to spend 350 days a years in a 4×8 box with your spouse?
  • What was/is the learning curve like?
  • How much can you make driving a truck as husband/wife team drivers?
  • How much does it cost to get started? (in both time, money and our sanity!)
  • What are the best, and not-so-best companies to work for?
  • What’s it like to sleep, eat, cook and LIVE in a truck that moves 24/7?

These and at least 100 other questions are ones we intend to tackle… article-by-article, video-by-video.

As much as we love sharing what’s going on in our lives with YOU, it’s also about keeping a record of this incredible adventure AND sharing some pretty valuable information with our friends, neighbors and family (all over the world) about BIG TRUCKS and safety

So, we invite you to make a point of checking in on this site to see what’s new in the weeks and months ahead.

Share it with a friend or two… We Will Love You For It!

Thanks for your visit! We look forward to meeting you here over and over again!

Keep the shiney side up!
Andrea Steward


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If you have any suggestions, we’re open to hear from you. And hey!… if you have a great recipe, we’d love to have you “guest post” on our site. Send us a note and let us know!
Peace… Andrea & Jai