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OK… all the gossip, right here

At the beginning of 2016, I (meaning moi, Andrea), received a wonderful email from a member of our “TruckinFamily”, Jason Ying. Jason, has been with us for… well forever!

Jason shared a list of things he’s added to his own life, picked up from the ideas, tips, insights and shared ride-alongs on our truck. Bella AND Maximus. If you don’t who Bella and Maximus are, then you’ll need to dive into the last 200 videos from LovinTruckin on YouTube and find out. After all, that’s half the fun!

Anyway… Jason’s email was DELICIOUS! I so enjoyed reading about how these adventures I share on the LovinTruckin website and YouTube Channel are helping make lives better. Even if just a little bit here and a little bit there.

At the end of his email he asked if I would put up a DONATION button or some way he could give back.

WELL… I was floored. Really. Floored, in the very best way.

That email (along with a few others) touched me, delighted me, surprised me! and made me start thinking about the request very seriously.

Here’s the problem. I didn’t want to slap up a “give me money” button on this website for no reason. As a life-long entrepreneur, I’m a firm believer in providing more VALUE than that for which I am paid. If that doesn’t happen, it’s a bad deal for everyone involved.

Now, granted… YouTube videos don’t cost money but they DO cost your time. A very precious commodity that once spent, is spent! So, it matters that you get something useful in return for your time. Even just good ‘ol fashioned entertainment

My desire is to provide content that’s enjoyable, entertaining, useful at times… makes you laugh occasionally (smiling is good too!), and perhaps… once in a while, provides an insight that makes a difference in your life.

So, I really wanted to think seriously about adding a donation or support button.

And then… I Did It!

After thinking about the requests to add a donation/support button, I decided it was time.


Because I’ve come to see through experience that RECEIVING is as valuable… and perhaps more so …than GIVING.

Understand, you don’t have to press that button.

AND… if you DO PRESS THAT BUTTON, you can choose what, when, where, why and how much. It’s ALL in your hands.

Hey, we’re talking about financial support right now, so let’s not confuse what this is about.

There is no support that is too big… or too small.

OK, I do think PayPal has a $1 limit and a $10,000 limit on the high side, so there might be support that’s outside the ability of that button. LOL  Hey, if you’re up for support that goes outside the button! Call me… we’ll work it out. 🙂

In any case, I appreciate every single person who takes the time to watch the videos I make about the adventures Jai and I have out here no the road, in the truck, on home time, at the cabin, at the Bear’s, watching *B.F.C.’s, up in the woods…. (you get the idea).

For those who requested that I put this up… I thank you. The fact you sent such a note makes my heart sing.

For those who choose to make USE of that button, you put a little icing on a cake that’s already pretty DELICIOUS!

So, there it is. Just click on the button at your leisure. Use it. Don’t use it. All up to you. Totally in your hands.

Jai and I are glad that YOU are part of our “TruckinFamily”!

Keep Your Shiny Side UP,

*B.F.C.’S – Big Fat Cows (what are you kidding me? :))