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Why Is Driving A Big Truck So Different?

mindmazeThis week I’m listening to an audio book called “The Organized Mind”. It’s definitely an interesting read! Er… “listen”. One I would heartily recommend to anyone.

While listening to the enormous and mind-bending amount of data the author uses to make his points, I started wondering about something….

I decided to purposefully engage a few brain cells toward answering the question about why it IS so satisfying to drive a Big Truck.


What makes driving a BIG TRUCK so radically different from driving anything else?

My GranDaddy drove a truck for over 40 years.

My Uncle RJ, did as well.

I have a few cousins who drive now… but I was never really part of that.

I lived a completely different life with my family who were always moving around the country for my Dad’s 30 year career, in the Air Force.

I do remember however, sitting in GranDaddy’s lap at about age 6, up in the truck, pulling the AIR HORN! I loved it! He let me (while he laughed), even though the neighbors would complain afterwards. I loved HIM for that!

But… I still didn’t know a thing about what it was like to drive a Big Truck. Or why GranDaddy would say things like, “It’s the pull of road you know…”

I’ve heard many drivers who have spent long careers out here say similar things. They also complain about how it’s changing… and how they don’t like the Feds putting their nose into things they don’t know anything about. BUT…

I notice that after nearly 2 years in the saddle …I feel the same way. There IS a pull of the road!

So… the book I’m currently listening to called “The Organized Mind” by Daniel J. Levity, got my internal wheels turning to figure out WHY?

As I drove these last few days, I simply sat and thought about what it is… and why it is that a Big Truck has such romance in the way it moves. The way it floats along. The way it sounds! The way it handles… and I came up with something rather profound.

I notice that when Jai and I head out on the road for the 4 to 6 weeks we spend out here, there’s a sense of leaving everything behind.

Now, I’ll grant you that some drivers don’t leaving ANYTHING behind! They take it all with them into the seat and drive like that. It’s not a good thing I notice.

What makes the difference truly is LEAVING EVERYTHING BEHIND!

If you don’t, you suffer. You work too hard. Dare I say… you’re potentially dangerous?

Yes, I still pay our bills and handle things that need to be handled while we’re out here. Have to or we’d be in trouble. BUT!


It really is about letting go of everything and being in THIS MOMENT.

Right now.

Right here.

On this road.

On this turn.

In this town.

If you let yourself do that, you cannot help but be a good driver. a GREAT driver! An attentive and conscientious driver.

Letting GO makes the drive easy. Relaxing. Enjoyable.

In a vehicle that outweighs everything around it – except other Big Trucks of course – it’s better for you and everyone around you, if you’re really there.

Not worried about ANYTHING. Just there.

Honestly, I think that anyone who allows their mind to release the cares of the day to melt away while they do their job, will be all the better for it in a million different ways. And then “work” isn’t work at all.

An old saying, “A wo/man who loves what s/he does never works a day in his/her life!” Great saying.

You can’t become rigid in mind, body or spirit if you let yourself be there moment by moment. You stay youthful, open, excited about Life and living and flexible.

Letting it all go – I think – is one thing that makes driving a Big Truck so different. So unique. And so engaging on a daily basis.

Certainly there’s more. I’ll keep looking. I wanted to get this one idea down on digital paper… so I would remember down the road!

I would love to hear what you have discovered about this question. Comment below and let me know what makes driving a Big Truck so uniquely different from driving anything else FOR YOU? Have at it. Let it rip. I’m looking forward to your responses.

Keep YOUR shiny side UP!

Andrea Steward

Andrea Steward

Before driving professionally for Con-Way Truckload, Andrea was (and still is) a professional photographer/musician/singer/artist/writer and serial entrepreneur. She has written and produced 5 albums (available on CD Baby). Now... she's driving in a husband/wife truck driving team and LOVIN' IT with passion. "Life in America depends on truckers... my Grandaddy did it for 45 years, it might be in my blood!" - Andrea
Andrea Steward

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Andrea Steward
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Before driving professionally for Con-Way Truckload, Andrea was (and still is) a professional photographer/musician/singer/artist/writer and serial entrepreneur. She has written and produced 5 albums (available on CD Baby). Now... she's driving in a husband/wife truck driving team and LOVIN' IT with passion. "Life in America depends on truckers... my Grandaddy did it for 45 years, it might be in my blood!" - Andrea
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16 Comments on Why Is Driving A Big Truck So Different?

  1. Eddie Boswell // November 22, 2015 at 9:22 pm // Reply

    Love the story, kinda miss the road but it’s nice being home for good. I enjoyed my many years and many miles on the road, but it is so different now with far too many distracted drivers. I am very happy to have met you and Jai, you guys are welcome to come stay anytime. Please be safe and let us know if you get to Colorado, would love to see you both.

  2. William England // November 22, 2015 at 9:50 pm // Reply

    Ok Andrea I’ve never driven a big truck YET. but for me it would mean a great sense of responsibility and trust. A great sense of accomplishment and I’m serving a huge need in this country.

  3. Hello Andrea & Jai,

    My husband (Will) and I are new followers of your YouTube channel and have been enjoying going back and watching your videos from the beginning of your adventure.

    I have a 9-5 job, and my husband is a full time beekeeper here in Beautiful BC, Canada. Your comments about doing what you love for a living making a huge difference really ring true. My husband can go and work a 16 hour day and come home with a smile on his face.

    I found you by searching for Instant Pot recipes, and have been enraptured by your lovely selves, and your video captures of all the beautiful scenery.

    We love to go for drives, and just look at the wonder around us.
    I’m also encouraged by your Bellicon use. We had a rebounder in my childhood home, and we used it all the time. I think it’s time for one to make an appearance in my own home. 🙂

    Blessings and safety on your travels, and we look forward to keeping up with you.

    Warm Regards,

  4. Candy Warner // December 15, 2015 at 4:06 pm // Reply

    I loved your article! I think I’ve known my whole life I belong on the road, but family ties and fears have kept me locked in a 9-5. Recently, my husband and I noticed we have nothing holding us back anymore and we have decided to go over the road as a team. We start school in January and I am so looking forward to this next chapter in our lives. Your article is inspiring and comforting. Thank you for your videos and website, the information is very helpful.

    • We went to school in January too! We already have something in common… 🙂 I’m so glad you have found the site and videos helpful. That is exactly the whole point. You have given me a wonderful Christmas present with your post. Please do stay in touch with us as you make your way into this wonderful new adventure for you both. There are challenges to be sure – and yet – LIFE is a challenge anyway, why not see our beautiful country and get paid for it, right? Great to meet you Candy and Gary. – Andrea

  5. Hi, I also found your youtube channel searching for Instant Pot recipes and have since gained an appreciation for all the truckers working hard to transport all the goods and services across the country that we enjoy. I used to lose patience being behind a large truck driving in the left (fast) lane here in Canada….but have more tolerance now and am much more thoughtful about how I might pass them :). Love your cooking videos (and my I-pot!) and would put in a request for you to do a full 20+ min video on your Belllicon exercise routine. Thinking of purchasing one and wondering what you do on it daily. Personally, I would think twice about living somewhere too remote and off the grid especially as you get older. It also seemed a bit concerning how the landlord talked over you Andrea when you asked questions and that he didn’t know the exact markings of the plots. Just my two cents. Whatever is agreed to should be outlined in detail in a legal contract. Love your adventures and wish you both a happy healthy and prosperous New Year!

    • Hi Lisa. I really appreciate your feedback. I take everything to heart… and consider the wisdom being shared with me. It’s wonderful. Your thoughtfulness around trucks is also amazing and I applaud you! It’s all too rare… and something we must (as a species) take more seriously LOL. Your idea to do a full Bellicon video is WONDERFUL and so… I will do it. I’ll see if I can pull that off this weekend 🙂 Hometime is the perfect time to give it a go. Thanks for the idea! Love Canada BTW… was born in Newfoundland. 🙂 – Andrea

  6. Hi Andrea, thanks so much for taking the time to film your Bellicon routine! I really appreciate it. It looks like such an invigorating way to start the day. Congratulations to you and Jai on your new homestead..what a stunning peaceful sunset to enjoy for years to come! I’m in BC and haven’t been to Newfoundland but loved visiting Nova Scotia and PEI. I bought an i-pot and don’t know how I lived so long without it! You might like Simple Daily Recipes youtube channel for more i-pot recipe ideas….the black bean hash and chill mac are easy and delicious. Drive safe and wishing you all the best.

    • Hi Lisa,

      It’s soooooo gorgeous in BC! If you do get the chance to go to Newfoundland… you’ll like it. I haven’t been back in many years and want to do that myself because of the incredible beauty and wildness that’s still available there. Someday… I will take your advice and have a look at the Simple Daily Recipes on YouTube. Thank you for the suggestion! The biggest challenge is finding recipes that are “food combined”, which is something I adhere to. However, I can usually pull together something good from watching great recipes in action. 🙂 Thank you for posting and thank you for your words! It means a lot to me to know there’s value coming through… – Andrea

  7. Rosa M Campo // August 7, 2016 at 9:24 pm // Reply

    Hi Andrea, I follow You and Jai on Your entertaining videos, I haven’t seen any lately, is Your wrist doing better? I have always been interested in driving a Big Rig but have been a Hairstylist all my life, I love Your haircut by the way! . Going back to driving both my Husband and I are fit, but I’m 62 and he’s 80, too late I don’t think he would qualify for insurance… I hope You are feeling better and say hello to Jai…
    Warm Regards; Rosa…

  8. Teressa Rivera // October 15, 2016 at 10:03 am // Reply

    Hi Andrea, me and a friend drive public transportation and we are teaming up and going to trucking school to go over the road together we are very excited and I am nervous at the Sametime. I am hoping for a good time and loving it like everyone my kids have there own lives I have grandkids but I think I will be ok and enjoy going to different places so I will be following you

  9. Hi Andrea, found your YouTube Channel by accident and glad that I did. It’s very informative and I’ll continue to view it and your webpage. I’m closing in on the end of my second career and hope to retire in a couple of years. I’ll be 66. The thought of driving OTR has always interested me and my wife. My question to you is, do you think we’re too old to start another adventure driving? Safe travels to you both.

    • Hi Mike,
      Sorry this took so long. I didn’t see your post until today!
      It’s a good question Mike – and one that really only you can answer. Are you up for the hours? The demands? It also depends on the company you’re with. That will determine the kinds of demands you’ll be dealing with, so do your research. As far as being able to do the job? If you’re healthy and ready for the challenge I’d say go for it! It can be a wonderful way to see the country (of course from the freeway most of the time LOL) and build a nice nest-egg…. – Andrea

  10. Sheila McLay // June 4, 2017 at 3:46 pm // Reply

    Hi Andrea….I found your videos when I was looking for help passing the cdl lermot exam. I am SO HAPPY to have found you. My husband has been a truck driver for 35 and has been looking to retire but we don’t really have any retirement…(Long story) I am a Symphony violinist and off every summer so.. Since the 2 main reasons he wanted/needed to stop were physical challenges loading and unloading (he’s a car/camp trailer hauler) and being away from me for most of our 8 year marriage, I have decided to come out on the road with him. I can make money while I’m off from Symphony, be with my husband and do some of the job for him. Now we have found a 2nd truck that I can drive with my current license and we can book loads on the same routes and greatly increase our income and be able to help each other load and unload. I am 58 and he is 59. Both trucks have a sleeper although neither is large, his does have enough space that we have put a slide out extension on the bed to both fit. I am wondering how much space you have between bed and seats for your ‘kitchen’. We are both trying to eat better and I too just purchased an instant pot and was glad to see all your posts about cooking and being healthy on the road. I loved your posts about what you carry and how you store it. I’m wondering how we can fit a fridge and microwave in this truck. I’m thinking the bed platform could have a little cutout to go around the side of the fridge and perhaps install a stable shelf on top of it for microwave and prep area. We own (or will own) both trucks so can do what we want as long as it’s safe and legal. I would be interested in knowing your thoughts and ideas. The smaller truck has the sleeper type which is just a bed you climb up to, no floor area and a small opening. I won’t be sleeping in it often but still need to allow for the ability to take a different route for a couple of days and also to accommodate my husband riding with me, but…still was thinking maybe I could better fit the fridge and microwave in my truck….? Don’t know. Just need access to my own foods. Thanks again for your vlog. Letting you know… I cried when I got to the one where you had broken your wrist and couldn’t go with your husband any more. It’s also so nice to see how sensitive and tender hearted you are and heat you were still able to do this job. My husband says I’m the most sensitive person he has ever met,…but then I can be pretty tough in other ways…like working on my cars by day and playing Symphony at night. Most of my musician friends can’t (or don’t want to) do that…so it’s good to see you out there being sensitive and stuff making you cry…but you can still do it.
    Blessings to you!

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