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Can You Find Youth & Happiness On A Bellicon?

I cannot say for absolutely certain, but it does seem that way! And… Jai and I are willing to find out!

Our Bellicon arrived on January 7, while on home-time. We were staying at MammaBear and PappaBear’s. Since that day, Jai and I have been jumping for joy on a daily basis! 🙂


Why We Got A Bellicon…

For the truck. For a way to exercise that really works.

We’ve tried bungee bands, stretchy bands, walking, jump rope. The problem with everything thus far has been the limitations of it. You can’t exercise every part of our body using a jump rope or stretchy bands or anything else we’ve tried.

A rebounder on the other hand? EVERY muscle in your body is exercised during the simplicity of a bounce. We’ll get into the why’s and wherefore’s of how that’s possible in future posts.

What We Have Experienced So Far On The Bellicon

Here’s our first overview of what we’ve each experienced so far, from bouncing on the Bellicon at least once per day, for  10 minutes.

To be frank, anything over 5 minutes feels so good you don’t want to get off!

There is, quite literally, such a pleasurable feeling of happiness that sweeps over you while rebounding, that it’s nearly impossible to get off. This “happy feeling” can be a not-so-good thing in the beginning, because you don’t want to overdo it at first.

Remember that EVERY muscle in your body gets exercised while rebounding and overdoing it right off the bat can make you a little sore. That aside…

The first very noticeable difference was my face and especially around my eyes.

That “tired”, hooded-lid look that had become prevalent in the morning, and sometimes lasted throughout a great part of the day, has disappeared. The difference is profound.

No more baggy eyelids and dark circles… they’re gone. Yay!

A general feeling of well-being, which includes a remarkable sense of happiness mentioned just above. The “feel good” after rebounding lasts for hours and the best part is it benefits you and everyone around you.

Bouncing in Wyoming... Click to view full-size

Bouncing in Wyoming… Click to view full-size

Once we went back to work and were back in the truck my reason for getting the Bellicon in the first place proved true… rebounding is the perfect solution for mid-shift fatigue. A few minutes on the Bellicon and is better than a nap!

I have bounced in:

  • Rest Areas
  • Rest Area bathrooms
  • scenic overlooks
  • truck stop bathrooms
  • truck stop parking lots
  • Walmart parking lots and…
  • anywhere else we can find 39″ to put up the Bellicon! 🙂

My feet and calves are strengthening at lightning speed. As the “girl with the skinny legs” since being a little girl, it’s GREAT to see my calves growing, producing a more pleasing look overall for my legs. Another very yummy side-effect of rebounding.

For the feet, this one is subtle but wonderful.

My feet don’t hurt.

The arch is also getting higher as my feet strengthen and making me more sure-footed.

The shippers we visit, all across the country, sometimes have dirt or gravel dock yards. It’s great to be more sure-footed in these locations. Not to mention the holes, dips and rises in the pavement at many fueling islands and truck parking areas . Strong feet and ankles make a major difference. It’s like building your body, starting with the foundation and working up from there.

Jai Has Seen Major Changes Too

Bounding His Way To Muscles!

Bounding His Way To Muscles!

Jai has also noticed major changes in his face; bags going away under his eyes with a more open look to the lids. The skin under his chin tightening markedly. Muscle growth in his neck.

If calves are my “skinny part”, Jai’s is his nick. This is quickly changing. Truly remarkable to watch.

Jai has also experienced noticeable growth in his chest, shoulders and arms from doing the simple pressing and pulling exercises with his hands while jumping.

Jai is bouncing 10-12 minutes each day using exercises included on the DVD that comes with the Bellicon.

The Best Thing About Rebounding So Far…

It isn’t necessary to bounce hard. In fact, you don’t even have to leave the mat to experience the changes noted above.

Since I have a more delicate neck, having been injured several times in car accidents etc., I have taken a slower approach. For the first 5 or 6 minutes I don’t even leave the mat. The only reason I do leave the mat by the time I reach the 5 or 6 minute mark is because it feels so good, I can hardly help it. As a result I have had some soreness later. I stretch often. Several times a day to keep muscle ashiness to a minimum.

As I build up, the soreness is lessening day-by-day. Each time I bounce, I feel stronger.

Unlike other rebounders (and we have purchased several well-made and excellent rebounders over the years), I have noticed with the Bellicon, I have not had complications with my neck, back and joints. As much I wanted to rebound with the spring-type rebounders, I simply had to stop (or cut down to the point it did m e no good), due to neck pain… not so with the Bellicon. This is a HUGE thing for me. I cannot say enough about this point!

A Record of Success!

We plan to continue to keep a record of the changes we experience as these things often slip away over time, as the changes become permanent and part of everyday life. I want to keep a record for myself so I can remember where I came from…

…and sharing it with you will hopefully benefit us both!

Bounce on!

Click to find out which Bellicon is for YOU!

Click to find out which Bellicon is for YOU!

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Andrea Steward

Andrea Steward

Before driving professionally for Con-Way Truckload, Andrea was (and still is) a musician/singer/artist/writer and serial entrepreneur. She has written and produced 5 albums (available on CD Baby). Now... she's driving in a husband/wife truck driving team and LOVIN' IT with passion. "Life in America depends on truckers... my Grandaddy did it for 45 years, it might be in my blood!" - Andrea
Andrea Steward

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Andrea Steward
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Before driving professionally for Con-Way Truckload, Andrea was (and still is) a musician/singer/artist/writer and serial entrepreneur. She has written and produced 5 albums (available on CD Baby). Now... she's driving in a husband/wife truck driving team and LOVIN' IT with passion. "Life in America depends on truckers... my Grandaddy did it for 45 years, it might be in my blood!" - Andrea
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7 Comments on Can You Find Youth & Happiness On A Bellicon?

  1. I’ve seen a lot of great youtube videos about people using the bellicon – but you guys seriously rock! Really fun to watch. Yes, let’s make our roads safer!
    +1 for a bellicon on every truck!
    Safe travels, all the best from Chicago,
    bellicon USA

    • Andrea Steward Andrea Steward // February 15, 2015 at 2:23 am // Reply

      Hi Phillip! Do you Bellicon? I’d love to know if you do…and to hear more about your experience. Thank you for posting…and visiting our site. Now…how do we go about getting a Bellicon on every truck lol…

      • Andrea Steward Andrea Steward // February 15, 2015 at 2:30 am // Reply

        Of course you Bellicon! I just noticed your email address. Lol. Good to have avisit from Bellicon USA…. You guys rock too! 🙂

  2. Awesome – we have started a rebounding group – good for you – keep on truckin !

    • Andrea Steward Andrea Steward // February 19, 2015 at 12:25 am // Reply

      I love that you have created a rebounding group! What a great idea. I have submitted to join it… would love to see what you’re doing and help where I/we can. If people really knew what a rebounder can do for them… well, it’s amazing. I talk to folks everyday but the effects are really something you *have* to experience for yourself. Good luck to you!

  3. Hi Andrea. I love your videos! I’m obsessed with your story….I’m on you tube as hotinaz85379…I almost catch up with all your vlogs. I’m amazed with you guys shape driving a truck 24/7. It will be awesome you show us your bellicon routine!!! I want to get one for myself….and your food selection while in a truck! It has been awesome to watch you guys grow…very brave and loving people!!..God bless you always!

    • Hi Maria,

      I apologize for not getting a reply back to you sooner. So sorry. And SO GLAD you enjoy the channel. I will look for your posts there are hotinaz85379 🙂 I’d LOVE to show you more of the Bellicon. I’ll put that on my list of videos to get made. It’s so important to have some kind of excellent exercise because it’s so easy not to on a truck. I’m absolutely in love with Bellicon. It’s amazing. If you decide to get one, please let me know! You can order right through our site if you like. We are affiliates… but either way… get one. you will not be disappointed!

      Blessings 🙂

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